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Hey I'm New! :)

Hey there!
I am new to the 'group' just joined. I am trying to get back to trying to get in shape. Last January I was doing exercises (started out as just walking and grew to weights and videos) but I stopped in June 2000 and didnt really ever get back to anything. I was walking for a while but then that stopped too :(

However this is a new year and I am looking into new exercises especially ones to get me motivated! I am just starting out with yoga. Looking into kickboxing. I want to get back to Tae Bo that was fun before. Back to my walking, videos, and weights. Plus I got roller skates and those skate shoes for Christmas and b-day last year. And I have a regular bike as well. I am all set to get fit! I am even trying to read all those great fitness mags and sad the cool mag FIT is not out anymore? I am confused about that one and sad if its gone it was so cool :( If anyone knows if its gone for sure lmk by email. K?

Well I forgot the rest of my intro :) My name is Holly. I live in So. CA. I go to a private college down here. I work part time at Barnes & Noble. My major in school is Journalism. I love to for fun do many things trying to learn guitar, love to write in my journals, do some poetry, do free webpages, collect TONS of things, scrapbook and have fun. I am single at the time *L* just saying I am living with my parents still. I have more details in my profile on my 'info' page :) If you want to write me go ahead. And if anyone has information about kickboxing lmk. I cant afford to join a GYM right now :( so I just use videos I buy or check out from the library. If you email just lmk who you are or what it is about in the subject so I dont delete it thinking its junk mail.

Sorry for the long intro. I love to write ;) catch you all laters! I will write again soon :D
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